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Miles Jeffrey Day - Flying Ace Centenary Celebration
Saturday 10 March 2018, 07:30pm

Miles Jeffrey Day 1896-1918
Miles Jeffrey was a quite remarkable young man. He was born in Rheola and grew up in the town, loving to roam the surrounding water meadows and woods, losing himself in nature and in his poetry, inspired by his love of the countryside. He was destined for Cambridge University but instead his passion for flying and the outbreak of the First World War changed his destiny.
He signed up, was trained to fly and received his commission as a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Naval Air Service. Flying then was in its infancy, the aircraft basic and the dangers considerable. None of this daunted Day and he quickly became so proficient he was at first retained as a test pilot. Such was the casualty rate at the Front he was quickly promoted to Wing Commander but was shot down attacking the enemy over the Belgium coast. He survived a crash landing on the sea but was last seen waving his colleagues back home to safety.
Our evening, presented by the Town Team and the Norris Museum, commemorates the centenary of his death at 21 years of age. It takes the form of a celebration of his childhood and family in St Ives, his deep friendship with Edward Hilton Young, an MP and fellow poet, his flying exploits and of course his poetry. 
With readings of both his letters and poems we will hear his voice once again. With photographs and audio visuals we will capture the nature of aerial warfare of the time, the spirit of this era and the nature of the young men that made the ultimate sacrifice for their country - without a second thought. It will be moving and at the same time fascinating and informative – a sincere tribute to a remarkable young man from a well-known St Ives family.
This is a must-see, once-only event.
Tickets are limited and available from the Corn Exchange or on-line at:

Location St Ives Corn Exchange
7.30 pm. Tickets £15